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Обновление Epoch до версии
Мы все думали что разработчики мода A2 DayZ Epoch снова уснули и не собираются выкатывать обновление исправляющее все косяки. И вот буквально 5 минут назад появляется информация о выходе обновления

Список изменений:
[NEW] Added config variable DZE_HaloSpawnHeight. @ebayShopper
[NEW] Added config variable DZE_ServerLogHits for logging source damage, weapon, ammo and distance to server RPT.
[NEW] Added M4SPR_DZE and VSS_vintorez_DZE which spawn with larger magazines by default. #1823 #1890 @AirwavesMan
[NEW] Building upgrades now source parts from the player's backpack and main inventory. @icomrade
[NEW] Server owners can configure nutrition system effects with DZE_NutritionDivisor in configVariables.sqf @icomrade
[NEW] Added back DZE_doorManagementHarderPenalty config variable. Required wait between incorrect entries of manual door codes is multiplied by two each time, starting at five seconds. #1847 @oiad
[NEW] Added server logging of failed unlock attempts on doors, safes and lockboxes. Also added server logging of all door locking and unlocking. #1853 @oiad
[NEW] Added loot positions for some more Sahrani and Tavi buildings
[NEW] Added military flashlight attachments
[NEW] Added full screen night vision goggles, classname: "NVGoggles_DZE" (must be added to traders by server owners) @icomrade
[NEW] Added setting to easily disable base takeover and configure which items are removable without ownership or access. See DZE_restrictRemoval in configVariables.sqf. #1886 @AirwavesMan @oiad
[NEW] Map markers are now automatically tagged with the name of the player who placed them. This can be easily removed or customized by admins. #1871 @looter809
[NEW] Added block in keyboard.sqf for sprint and prone through locked doors glitch. @LunaCB
[CHANGED] Turbo and HoldBreath keybindings are now allowed again. @icomrade
[CHANGED] Commented drink from hands at ponds due to client FPS impact. Players can still fill drinks at ponds by right clicking a container. #1816
[CHANGED] Disabled vanilla antiwall, POI, infectious waterhole and infected camp map additions by default due to negative FPS impact. They can be enabled in init.sqf and server_monitor. #1816
[CHANGED] Added shadow to dayz_rollingMessages white text so it is visible on light colored backgrounds and looks like cutText.
[CHANGED] Reverted pain to old violent shaking effect instead of subtle gun sway. #1839 @AirwavesMan @schwanzkopfhegel
[CHANGED] Reverted lobby and player list background colors to A2OA default instead of dark grey
[CHANGED] Salvage vehicle actions are no longer allowed in positions defined in DZE_SafeZonePosArray
[CHANGED] The town generator and comfrey plant spawner loops are now fully disabled when dayz_townGenerator=false; to improve client FPS. #1816
[CHANGED] AntiTP and scheduled security are now fully disabled when dayz_antihack=0. #1816
[CHANGED] Changed default value for the variable dayz_bleedingeffect to 2 (blood particle effect only) due to negative FPS impact. Set to 3 to enable blood stains again. #1816
[CHANGED] Group icons have been moved to a separate slower loop which only runs when in a group, and the group system is disabled by default. See configVariables.sqf to enable. #1816
[CHANGED] Flies now spawn ten minutes after death instead of right away. Flies are also disabled by default due to negative FPS impact. See init.sqf to enable. #1816
[CHANGED] SpawnCheck for loot and zombies has been lowered to 200m and switched to nearObjects instead of nearestObjects (same as 1051) for better client FPS. #1816
[CHANGED] Increased head shot damage for normal hits (non-zombie and non-melee)
[CHANGED] Slightly increased damage from vehicle run over
[CHANGED] Moved study body back to fn_selfActions for easy admin customization.
[CHANGED] Players can now lock and unlock a vehicle when the key is in their backpack. This can be changed in epoch_tempKeys. #1897 @oiad
[CHANGED] The vanilla building PVEHs have been commented out because we don't support or use the vanilla base objects currently.
[FIXED] Wrong texture for z_hunter zombie. #1805 @schwanzkopfhegel @ebayShopper
[FIXED] Refuel with generator at gas station not working. #1806 @Helios27 @ebayShopper
[FIXED] Issue where Arma cheats could still be entered under certain conditions without pressing LeftShift at the same time as NumPadMinus. @ebayShopper
[FIXED] Tag friendly still showing after player accepts and related issue with BackpackAntiTheft. #1807 @oiad
[FIXED] Undefined variable dayz_clientPreload error on main menu during intro.sqs. #1810 @ndavalos @ebayShopper
[FIXED] Giving pain killers to another player no longer removes pain from the player giving the pain killers.
[FIXED] Occasional undefined error for text color attribute when repairing and salvaging vehicles. @ebayShopper
[FIXED] M24 ammo prices are now 1/4 of DMR ammo prices, so no profit can be made by combining M24 rounds. @looter809 @ebayShopper
[FIXED] Full cinderblock walls now work properly with vector building #1813. @DeVloek @icomrade
[FIXED] Death message showing incorrectly when players suicide under certain conditions. @oiad @ebayShopper
[FIXED] Death message sometimes showing incorrectly due to spawn delay. #1833 @schwanzkopfhegel @ebayShopper
[FIXED] Corpses occasionally being deleted right away due to delay between PVS and bodyName setVariable. #1825 @ebayShopper
[FIXED] WoodenArrow and other WeaponHolderBase inherited objects catching fire when destroyed due to destrType. #1815 @DeVloek @ebayShopper
[FIXED] Arrows floating in air when shot at same position against a wall multiple times. #1815 @DeVloek @ebayShopper
[FIXED] Swimming in ground glitch when relogging at certain positions on certain maps like Napf and Tavi. @ebayShopper
[FIXED] No damage from hitting ground after HALO jump when DZE_HaloOpenChuteHeight was set to -1. @ebayShopper
[FIXED] Added back missing call to Epoch player_antiWall function for preventing base glitching. #1817 @ndavalos @ebayShopper
[FIXED] HALO fresh spawns stuck swimming in air on Napf and failing to start correctly sometimes. #1809 @oiad @ebayShopper
[FIXED] Self actions sometimes duplicating when changing clothes and looking at a safe. @jOoPs @ebayShopper
[FIXED] Wrong bleeding icon on vanilla status UI. @jOoPs
[FIXED] It is no longer possible to autoRun under ponds on Chernarus, Namalsk and Napf. #1827 @schwanzkopfhegel
[FIXED] Hive connection error after the first and only online player disconnects during the object stream at server start up. #1822 @AirwavesMan @ebayShopper
[FIXED] Vanilla player_craftItem not exiting when action is already in progress. #1826 @schwanzkopfhegel
[FIXED] Fire barrel kit can be crafted with partially full matchboxes now. #1830 @AirwavesMan
[FIXED] Viral zeds stuck and not moving from their spawn location due to wrong init event handler. #1819 @DeVloek
[FIXED] Handling of boiled water bottles < 10 oz #1838 (Also removed the requirement to have an empty tin can to boil water) @icomrade @schwanzkopfhegel
[FIXED] Generator inventory not saving #1831 @icomrade @schwanzkopfhegel
[FIXED] Filling fuel barrels takes the correct amount from fuel tanks now (210 instead of 40 litres). #1834 @schwanzkopfhegel @oiad
[FIXED] Unable to sell some launchers like Javelin and Stinger which have the same classname for ammo and weapon. #1844 @ndavalos
[FIXED] Long search delay when filling water bottles, drinking from hands and drinking from empty cans is fixed on Chernarus, Namalsk and Napf. #1835 @schwanzkopfhegel
[FIXED] Players can not purchase a negative number of items anymore.
[FIXED] Switching weapons properly interrupts autorun now. #1850 @DeVloek
[FIXED] Duplicate matchbox or knife error when lighting a fire or gutting with multiple matchboxes or knives on toolbelt. #1849 @DeVloek
[FIXED] RU crates having zero cargo capacity and wrong classname DZ_ExplosivesBoxRU in loot table. #1852 @oiad
[FIXED] Combining M24 or 2Rnd shotgun ammo can no longer be abused to dupe mags via the method described in #1848. @DeVloek
[FIXED] Rapid starvation or dehydration when using chainsaw, chopping wood or pushing plane. Also lowered or removed nutrition hit for several actions. #1857 @TheZog
[FIXED] Unable to repair or salvage vehicle parts not listed in the RepairParts config, like Merlin glass and tank tracks. #1828 #1856 @ndavalos @schwanzkopfhegel @oiad
[FIXED] Unable to remove LightPole_DZ, DeerStand_DZ, MetalGate_DZ and StickFence_DZ. #1859 @TheZog
[FIXED] Unconscious locked input when running #1860 @icomrade @DeVloek
[FIXED] Running corpses when the dead player has no primary weapon @icomrade
[FIXED] "AI" text localized on wrong client in death messages #1867 @LunaCB
[FIXED] Trader menu server RPT logs partially localized on clients @oiad
[FIXED] Group icons will not show for units inside the player's vehicle anymore (helis, large planes, etc.). #1865 @schwanzkopfhegel
[FIXED] Lighting fires and building fireplaces not working on platforms raised over the sea #1866 @schwanzkopfhegel
[FIXED] Bandit1_DZ and Bandit2_DZ were the same. Bandit1_DZ is back to the normal non-camo skin now. #1874 @DeVloek
[FIXED] If a player force kills their game immediately after dying their body will no longer disappear. #1825 @looter809
[FIXED] Some AI behavior was broken due to RadioProtocolEmpty. Unfortunately this reintroduces group chat spam.
[FIXED] Players can no longer pack a tent while sleeping.
[FIXED] Players can no longer walk under water at Topolka Dam. @Bruce-LXXVI
[FIXED] server_PublishVehicle3 will no longer dupe a vehicle if it fails to read the vehicle back from the database. @oiad
[FIXED] Panic sounds will no longer overlap when the player is attacked by zombies. #1861 @DeVloek
[FIXED] Melee weapons will no longer be eaten when attempting to add them to a full toolbelt.
[FIXED] Updated to Sa-Matra's latest Core Patch BIS Effects which fix the fire in the sky bug again. #1883 @oiad @icomrade
[FIXED] Mark body now marks all of your bodies instead of just one. @oiad
[FIXED] Group and body markers correctly update on the GPS mini map now.
[FIXED] Vehicle lock and unlock actions are now refreshed correctly without needing to look away and back again. @oiad
[FIXED] A potential undefined error on bear trap trigger. @oiad
[FIXED] A few floating loot positions in firestation.
[FIXED] Blocked a duping method involving changing clothes. Thanks to Sercan for reporting. @oiad
[FIXED] Buildables now properly apply godmode if enabled during the restart window. @oiad
[FIXED] G36C ACOG attachment
[NOTE] The fixes below are included in the 1.0.6 Build C server package released December 29th, 2016 (http://dayzepoch.com/a2dayzepoch.php)
[FIXED] Hive child 309 errors that resulted in broken saving of newly built storage object inventory. @icomrade
[FIXED] Error with object publishing when snap building is disabled. @ebayShopper
[FIXED] Error handling upgraded 1051 databases that resulted in a <null> value for "rh_factor" and array for "bloodtype" in character_data medical field. @ebayShopper
[FIXED] Error in server_playerSetup that resulted in a <null> value for dayz_onBack in character_data inventory if player had no weapon on back. @ebayShopper
[FIXED] Doors and plots not getting cleaned up properly. See new MaintenanceObjects variable and explanation in HiveExt.ini. @icomrade
[REMOVED] Antiwall glitch blocks for vanilla hospitals since Epoch uses DayZero hospitals. @jOoPs
[REMOVED] "Take ownership" on plot pole due to it being unnecessary and causing base objects to duplicate. #1811 @BNG-Lance @Clanwarfare
Открытие сервера A2 DayZ Epoch
Открытие сервера A2 DayZ Epoch
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Глобальное обновление проекта
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